Sabina: Your Experience Deserves Her Experience
Whether you’re looking for insight into your own thoughts and behaviors or a deeper view into the organization and the talent that surrounds you, Sabina can create a specific solution to address your needs.

CEO Coaching

One-on-one sessions designed to engage, provoke, and revitalize your thinking. Using a rigorous framework, you’ll explore possibilities for yourself and your organization, leverage strengths, uncover paradigm shifting ideas, expand your emotional intelligence, and see with new found clarity.

You’ll set short and long term goals, and create concrete action plans for achieving them. Whether you’re onboarding, negotiating cultural change, or simply looking to grow, Sabina’s tailor-made process is designed to give you the momentum and clarity to build a more robust organization and to become the leader you want to be.
She is a superb listener and observer and is able to detect emotional and political nuances even when in unfamiliar environments. Sabina is exceptionally good at providing balanced feedback...Sabina helped me craft an action plan that was tailored to my values and this made it much easier for me to implement. I give Sabina my strongest recommendation.

Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College

Executive Coaching

One-on-one sessions providing individual support or customizable programs designed to encompass a larger context. Often the issues facing top leaders reach beyond the individual. They involve the leadership team, their board of directors, or the overall business strategy and context.

In those cases, Sabina will not only coach the leader, but also consult with the leadership team, coach individual executives, and help facilitate dialog that sheds light on the entire system.
She brings an adroit understanding of the challenges, opportunities and politics of the executive suite. She is an avid student of leadership and growth, constantly pushing me to examine and implement new ideas and new ways of being. She is very direct about pointing out the things that I need to work on, and very supportive in helping me to make the changes that I need to grow as a person and as a leader. My awareness, impact, and effectiveness as a leader have all increased as a result of her experience and expertise.

Lee Shupp, Executive Vice President, Cheskin Added Value

Leadership Development

For the broadest reaching issues, Sabina also conducts custom interactive learning and strategy programs for groups of leaders. Highly rated program topics include rapidly garnering strong support for initiatives, having more impact on the organization, setting up succession planning, creating an overarching vision or strategy for the organization and more.

Through retreats, strategic meetings, and experiential activities, you’ll move your business forward and work through sticky team or business dilemmas while still taking the full landscape into consideration.
You are inviting, inclusive, and approachable in front of the room. Your communications are clear and "playful" presenting the point "we are all in this learning experience together."

Dan Sullivan, Owner, coreConcepts

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